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Link to 1xBET up to date and official

To avoid for the website to be blocked by the jurisdiction from all over the world who have the same regulation system than England with taxes and limitations, 1xbet changes its URL. Generally, the domain name always begins with (1x…” and its extension is “xyz”. But It may change.
Lately it was 1xyed.xyz or 1xuva.xyz.
Don’t freak out, because once registered you will be receiving the new links by mail or SMS. But at the beginning you will need to have the correct link. And for this the trick is to become partnership with the Russian bookmaker. Thereby, they are putting the link up to date themselves thanks to a Redirection system that I’ve installed. So, except a technical problem from them, all the links to 1xbet that I’m indicating are to the reliable website and in English version.

register here

Enjoy the great odds, the instantaneous deposits and withdrawals, the foreign sports, the bonuses and promotions live in the game, the lives, the combined bets, the high limits of bets, the …
Don’t be surprised, there is no need to precise your identity during your registration or even to give your email. The website has put in place a 1click registration system that gives you a gambler number (to keep) with a password and you’re good to go. You will be able to precise your email, your coordinates and your phone number after if you want.

Step 1

step 2

In the second step, you can skip the inscription of your email, but I advise you to give your email from the beginning because it’s far more easy to memorize and your account number will be send to you.

After you will be able to make deposits, and on this point, there are plenty of options available on 1xbet, see the pictured article the payments solutions on 1xbet. You will see that I’ve withdraw more than 3000 £ of winnings without problem :D

Of course, at one point, you will be asked to give copy of your identity, and it’s also very simple through the website interface. No need to wait to receive a validation code to your domicile, some phone or internet bills are sufficient.
I advise you to register with your true identity, it’s the big advantage of this bookmaker. Indeed, 1xbet manage to avoid o be blocked by the authorities and the website accepts you whatever your nationality is and without restriction on the choice of sport meetings or sports available for betting.
Go : Official 1xbet link updated.

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