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More than 100 ways of deposit and 50 ways of withdrawal!

It’s the first time that I see some many deposit and withdrawal possibility on a gambling operator. As soon as you register, you will be able to make deposits by using everything that you can imagine:

If you don’t trust me, there is a screenshot basis means to make a deposit

By selecting ‘seen all the methods’ you can find about one hundred (I had to unzoom the size of my screen to show everything) Complete list of deposit methods

But you will have noticed that Neteller and Skrill are missing while there are available to withdraw the innings.
Generally, it’s easy to make deposit, no bookmaker will make you trouble to receive money. But it can become messy when it’s about withdrawing everything or part of its bankroll, on this point I can reassure you, I’ve instantaneously withdraw more than 3700 £ without trouble.

Yes, 1xBET allows you to withdraw without difficulty

There again, the list of solutions is huge. Before making the transaction, I took a screenshot so I was amazed: account before withdrawal

Notice my 3792,33 £ balance account at 10 :43. The website is very complete and proposes bets and transaction historical. Very convenient to show you my withdrawal request to a Neteller account with the exact time. I specify that I didn’t went through the customer support, I’ve just made the demand like that. transaction history

And there is the matching line on the Neteller account historical transaction on ewallet

There you go, pictures are often better than words. You should also know that there are no charges, as announced. I hope I have reassured you on the seriousness of 1xbet about the transaction processing and the payment limits.
Link reminder: 1xbet registration for English..

Logo 1xbet

#1 offshore booky

Mini deposit: £10
100% of your first deposit

This Russian operator is one of the best in the world.
All encounters, high ratings, immediate withdrawals, high limits...
Accepts bettors with address in England.
The Gambling Commission does not manage to block the site which regularly changes its address :) Once registered, you will have the correct links.

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