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This offer mixes the best of international betting.
22bet manages to propose high odds, full betting options, full sport market and ulimited withdrawal for all players.
In addition, the esport selection is at the top and cryptocurrency accepted.

The betting glossary, the base for the bettor

We often read beginner’s comments who don’t understand a thing about sports bets. Of course, an adaptation time is necessary, but every neophyte should nevertheless begin with the base: the sports betting lexicon. The betting community has its own codes and vocabulary. It’s in consequent normal to be lost in the beginning.

The various type of bets available to you

On the foreign bookmaker’s platforms, you have the possibility to choose many bets, all more original than the others. Live betting, double chance betting, handicap bets, etc. how is it possible to get through the maze of this mountain of possibilities? Don’t worry, we are here to explain it to you. We are also going to help you to choose the bet who suits you the best.

On which sport should you gamble?

Soccer, ruby, tennis, badminton, Formula 1, ski, there are various choice on the off-Gambling Commission bookmaker’s websites. Not to mention the numerous championship, tournaments, competition, that are only a click away! Should you bet on a popular sport, or rather on a niche sport? Should you prefer the lower division encounter? We have the answer to all your questions.

How to manage your bankroll at betting ?

There is something very specific, very rational in sport betting. Most of professional sport gambler are above all great accountant. When they set a limit, they never exceed it. You must do the exact same thing. You must be able to manage your balance in a smart way. We explain to you what are the techniques to use.

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